These kids are in danger.

My mother has a twin.

Lanny broke into Richard's house.


Recently he launched a new business.

Do you think Tigger can do that?

Serve the coffee, please.


I think we'd better do what Jeffery asks.

Brooke said that he was already married.

"Do you understand?" "I don't understand at all."


They bumped against each other.

I felt my heart quicken.

I think one of us ought to help Rupert.


I'm sure of that.

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In the old days, there were no telephones or electricity whatsoever.

Do you mind our leaving a little earlier?

The microgravity environment of space makes the ISS a unique laboratory for the testing of spacecraft systems that will be required for future exploration missions beyond low Earth orbit

My brother and I shared the room.

Could we talk about last night?

Irfan is approximately six feet tall.

The nurses attend to the patient day and night.

Good morning, my love.

They speak many languages in Spain.

Yoko bought some of them.

This argument is utter nonsense.

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Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.

While the Democratic Party has won a great victory tonight, we do so with a measure of humility and determination to heal the divides that have held back our progress.

I'd love to come and visit if I had the time.

There was nothing for me to eat.

The European Union is considering banning plastic bags.

I want you to talk.

Mayo has a gramophone.

That made Tobias uncomfortable.

We have to forget it ever happened.

We wanted you.

Do you often rub it?

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There are 5 exits on this plane.

She'd do anything for you.

She doesn't know how to swim.

"Sal was able to convince Nick to help." "How did he do that?"

Limited tickets are available.

We've got to call him.

Welcome to Colombia, Dave.

The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

I'm saving it.

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Tales like Cinderella are very widespread in China, Japan, and other countries of the world.

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They passed one test, but failed the other.


Which countries have you visited?

Tobias went out and left the door open.

Are you afraid of any emotions?

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Can we talk?

The nun prayed and crossed herself.

I want her to come with us.

The boat sank to the bottom of the lake.

Only Chernobyl comes to mind whenever I think about the Ukraine. Oh, and Serhiy Nazarovych Bubka, right?

This cat is not ours.

This is the bar where I drank my first beer.

Those black people have long been deprived of their rights.

I want a book to read on the train.


Thomas concluded his speech with a proverb.

That's my mom's chihuahua.

My patience is coming to an end.

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Don't you even think about it.

Boyd is obedient, isn't he?

What do we need to do?


So, how's it going?

I'll have your son.

The hotel has an air of luxury.


Molly is bluffing.

Keith motioned for Jose to leave.

Both plans were rejected.


Raymond must've changed a lot.


Myron has lupus.

Even if it rains, he'll play golf.

Honestly, I can't trust him.

What do you think of Japan's economy?

Several yachts were sailing side by side far out at sea.


The man lost all hope.

I just felt like coming home.

Give it to me.

Calvin's mother made cookies this morning.

Bill is nervous about the exam.

The thief disguised himself as a policeman.

In late November, they attacked Finland.

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Gretchen could've told me the truth.

Do you have children's clothes?

Pass the fare.

"Who do you belong to?" Wrapped around his feet was a small cat. It was a fluffy grey striped cat.

She left home five years ago, and has never been heard of since.

Gods came down on earth to guide humanity to its end.

We are in Finland.

I wonder if he can lend me his guitar during the vacation.

I have to check with Jarvis first.

I felt sick.

What's your favorite Broadway musical?

Please give this to her.

Louise is the only one here who isn't a teacher.

He who doesn't know foreign languages, doesn't know his own.

Is there any way I can blame this on you?

He is apt to get angry if you ask a lot of questions.

How long have you been playing pool?

You're forgetting one very important thing.

I lost my watch yesterday.

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The project will start soon, so watch out for it.

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Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

I didn't tell Klaudia.

I'd like to discuss something with you.

Have you tried this cake? It's to die for.

It sounds silly, but it's true.

Kieran is a big railroad executive.

Don't interrupt me! Can't you see I am talking?

I hate it when you're right.

Walking in the sand is difficult.


My father is quiet.

Ramiro didn't even give Barbra a chance to explain.

Operation Sea Lion was the German code name for the planned invasion of Britain.

Belinda was a shrewd businessman and his company went from strength to strength.

I'm joking, of course.

To live is good, but it's good to live even better!

The sentence got longer after it was re-written.

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I'm sure that Vivek and Patrice have been here before.

It's good for us to eat vegetables every day.

I can't imagine that's true.

I asked her to come over.

I asked Bruno why he wanted to go to Boston.

Sunil and Jane named their son after the doctor who delivered him.

Craig didn't eat lunch.

As you get older you start to feel that health is everything.

They always played tennis here.

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Pilot dared me to do it.


I don't want to offend you.


Kurt is up there waiting for you.


Please just get here.

I need to buy a good scratching post before my cat destroys my sofa.

We're nervous.

I'm placing you under arrest.

Did you find a solution?

Jill and Naoto don't need a chaperone.

English is a means of communication.


How is that business progressing?


The groom works for a company now, and the bride is our teacher.


Chivalry isn't dead.


Nicholas treated me badly.

Dan was immediately smitten with Linda.

Thank you for letting me know.

He does not have a particle of honesty in him.

I didn't mean to do that.

Moses didn't have to get up as early today as he usually does.

I don't remember a single joke.

Without Esperanto you miss something.

He's intelligent.

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Let's go and talk to them.

Hitoshi worked for the phone company.

Is this the one you saw?

Hwa usually feels sleepy in the early afternoon.

If Mahmoud goes, I'll go with him.


He is afraid of the dogs.

Just let him do his thing.

I think you should leave well enough alone.

They will like it.

Invite whoever you like.


Jock still loves Swamy.


I am clever, sensitive and imaginative.

He understands French.

To where does this road lead?